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Radush, 23, Czech republic. Tumblr is pretty place with pretty people, cute animals, dream places and beautiful things and I love everything about it!!!
I adore cast of Teen wolf, The vampire diaries, New girl and Glee (and so many more). <3

😍 🙌 #good #morning #sunrise #beautiful #view #jihlava #czech #bestofczech #skyporn #iglife #TagsForLikes #instalike

😍 🙌 #good #morning #sunrise #beautiful #view #jihlava #czech #bestofczech #skyporn #iglife #TagsForLikes #instalike

In your case, I believe it means not having any choice

In your case, I believe it means not having any choice

Anonymous said: I cried for the first time in two years at school and today's sucks do you have anything fluffy and cute ??:)



[Aww, sad anons. I hope your days get better soon! Here is a fluffy Sterek fic, based on this photo. A Project Runway AU.]

Stiles shifts on his feet nervously as Tim Gunn looks over his work in progress for the latest challenge. “I’m impressed,” Tim says in a clipped tone, leaning back, and Stiles breathes a sigh of happy relief. “You know, if you win this round, the prize is that R Fashions will run a small line of your work,” Tim says. “You might want to work on a product label.”

"Okay, I can do that," Stiles says, even though he has absolutely no idea what he would call his line. 

As soon as Tim walks away to criticize Jackson’s work (haha), Scott walks over to him and gives him a high five. “Dude! Did he say he liked your jacket?” Scott asks.

"Yeah," Stiles says, touching the intricate hand-beaded pattern on his latest piece. "I really like yours, though, I think you’re gonna win, Tim totally made his not-a-smile-but-I’m-smiling face for you," Stiles says, nodding towards Scott’s masterpiece.

Scott nudges his shoulder playfully. “Rooting for both of us to make it to the next round. Whatever happens we’ll be cool, right?”

"Duh," Stiles says, sticking his tongue out. He expected a lot of cutthroat competition (which there’s plenty of), but making a real friend in Scott is one of the best things about this reality show gig so far. 

Tim Gunn claps his hands together. “Alright, models coming in for their final fitting, make it work, everyone!”

And here’s one of the other best things.

The models file into the workroom, one by one, and just start stripping down for their outfits to be fitted, and luckily Stiles remembers to take the pins out of his mouth before he repeats last week’s bloody lip incident.

"Hey, Stiles, this looks good," Derek says, eyeing the jacket, shirt and pants combo Stiles has laid out. He reaches out to touch the beading, and Stiles slaps his wrist away.

"That bit isn’t quite done, it’s very delicate, okay. I still need to go over it and embroider this edge," Stiles says sharply.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Okay, I take it back, it looks horrible,” he says, taunting, and Stiles resists the urge to get into it again and pretend to argue with Derek (it’s fun, alright, and Stiles needs an outlet for his sexual frustration) because there’s only one hour left and he really wants to do well.

Derek shrugs out of his shirt, and then there go the pants, and Derek’s butt is just there, and Stiles has to be very careful about helping Derek into this outfit.

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We’re not our masks.

Caity Lotz - Arrow cast

Say it’s never gonna work out between us. Say you never love me.

"I liked the dinner scene that we shot in 3.01. And I liked it because it did something that I enjoy when television shows do, which is, harken back to the past in a very detailed and accurate way. When I read the script, and it referenced the pen that she was chewing on, I immediately went back to episode 3 of season 1 and watched that scene to make sure it was accurate. And it was. Those are moments that I like. If you didn’t have good character moments, the action wouldn’t matter, but there is a lot of action. And there’s a lot of days where I work for nine hours, and the only word that I have to say is ‘Stop!’ or ‘Run!’ or ‘Go!’, stuff like that. So, when I actually get a scene, where you get to act a little bit…and you’ll notice in that scene - and I was really happy with this - there weren’t a ton of cuts, you know? It really just let that scene play. So, I enjoyed that scene." - Stephen Amell (x)

Anonymous said: best friends when we were young and then you moved and now we meet again at college AU


"Sorry, man," Stiles straightens up still laughing at the joke Scott had told that had gotten him throwing his head back and jerking into someone behind him. He claps down on a nice, broad shoulder, and then feels his eyes widen as the figure turns around. 



"Dude!" Stiles laughs delightedly as Derek Hale frowns across at him. "It’s been too long!"

Ten years, maybe, since Derek’s parents upped and moved Stiles’ best friend across the country. He’d been inconsolable for months, written to Derek often for a couple of years, until Derek’s letters had started sounding distracted and distant. They haven’t spoken since. They’re not even Facebook friends— which is a damn shame because Jesus, Derek’s grown up hot

"You look good," he tells Derek, flicks at one of Derek’s ears fondly, "Grew into these I see."

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The beautiful sunset I&#8217;d watched on bus on my way home. ❤ #littlethings #moments #sunset #colors #beautiful #skyporn #czech #bestofczech #TagsForLikes #iglife #instalike

The beautiful sunset I’d watched on bus on my way home. ❤ #littlethings #moments #sunset #colors #beautiful #skyporn #czech #bestofczech #TagsForLikes #iglife #instalike